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Bournemouth, Dorset: Traditional Folk Plays at Christmas & Easter

  The Morris Ring

The Stourvale Mummers

Thanks to the landlords and landladies of the many hostelries who allowed us to perform, and especially the generosity of their customers, our Christmas 2016 tour allowed us to collect 1,350. With other donations to the mummers we have now raised about 2,000 in 2016 which will be used for the benefit of local children with special needs. 

We have one additional performance coming up - on Old Twelfth Night, 17th January 2017, we shall be performing early evening sometime after 6.30pm at a Wassail being held in the Orchard of Deans Court in Wimborne.

  • This year we have made a donation of 1200 towards a fund-raising appeal for a local youngster with Cerebral Palsy - the appeal is to enable an operation privately as it cannot currently be provided by the NHS. 

  • You can see details and progress of the appeal by visiting this Just Giving page: Jakob

  • The appeal met its target and the operation was successfully performed.

7th December 2016: Our programme for the Christmas 2016 tours is now complete as shown below.

Our grateful thanks to the landlords and landladies of the pubs and restaurants for generously allowing us to invade their premises and collect from their customers.

  • Friday 16th December
  • Saturday 17th December - Afternoon
  • Various times after about 12:00 noon at Sixpenny Brewery, at Holwell Farm, Holwell, Cranborne.  BH21 5QP.   We will be performing during the brewery's Christmas Open Day..
  • Saturday 17th December - Evening
  • Sunday 18th December
  • Monday 19th December
  • No performances - halfway through so we're resting our voices tonight before the remaining three evenings
  • Tuesday 20th December
  • Wednesday 21st December
  • Thursday 22nd December

The team was formed in 1979 by members and friends of the Bourne River Morris Men.

The object of the performance is to raise funds for local children with special needs, as well as keeping alive a colourful local tradition.

During the pre-Christmas season we perform a Mummers play from Sixpenny Handley - our 2015 programme has completed (totally reliant of course on the cooperation of the many landlords and landladies of the pubs & restaurants for being willing to put up with us invading their premises).  You can see where we performed last year here - click for the 2015 Christmas programme - this includes links to each of the venues and post codes to help you find your way. 

During the Easter / St. George's Day periods we also perform a Pace Egging play, based on a traditional play from Kirkby Lonsdale in Westmoreland. 

We are associate members of the Morris Ring.

The origins of these plays are uncertain, but form part of a large body of traditional plays generally known as "Hero - Combat" plays.

You can see some comments on mummers and mumming in general here and some more light-hearted comments on mummers can be found on the trivia page.

You can also where there are also lots more pictures

If you wish to contact the team call the leader Alf on 01202 825849 alternatively send an email to: mummers@(please remove bit in brackets to avoid spam)

Page last updated: 7th December 2016